Volume 1, Number 1, Year 2010

Russell W. Chesney
A new journal in the field of child biochemistry

Editorial Article
Gani I. Adebayo
Aspirin esterase(s) – Much known, more to learn

Original Articles
Alejandro Gugliucci, Satoshi Kimura, Teresita Menini, Ricardo Hermo, and Masahide Numaguchi
Serum aspirin esterase activity in cord blood and in adults

Ki Ok Shin, Jin Hee Woo, Nam Hwoeh Yeo, Duckpil Ok, and Sunghwun Kang
Alterations in cardiac autonomic function, lipid profile, and arterial stiffness in type 1 diabetic children

Sunghwun Kang, Jinhee Woo, Nam-Hwoeh Yeo, Duckpil Ok, Jaeho Yoo, and Ki Ok Shin
Low-intensity exercise training maintains adipokines in obese children

Viroj Wiwanitkit
Laboratory medicine in tropical medicine: Present situation

Lars H. Breimer
Does bilirubin act as a free radical quencher of clinical significance in neonates and children?

Kazunari Kaneko
Hospital-acquired hyponatremia in children: Epidemiology, pathophysiology, and prevention

La Cava Antonio
Laboratory medicine in pediatric lupus