Volume 1, Number 3, Year 2010-2011

Editorial Article
Torbjörn K. Nilsson
Stem cells as models in FASD research

Original Articles
Malini Krishnamoorthy, Brian A. Gerwe, Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro, Rachel J. Nash, Jagan Arumugham, Carmen D. Eilertson, Steven L. Stice, and Rodney J. Nash
Ethanol alters cell cycle gene expression in human embryonic stem cells

Mohammed Al Biltagi, Ahmed Abdul Baset, Adel Hagag, and Hesham Al Srogi
Serum leptin levels among malnourished children with and without pneumonia

Karen Mestan, Fengxiu Ouyang, Nana Matoba, Colleen Pearson, Katherin Ortiz, and Xiaobin Wang
Maternal obesity, diabetes mellitus and cord blood biomarkers in large-for-gestational age infants

George F. van der Watt, Brian Eley, and Howard Henderson
Whole blood mitochondrial DNA depletion in South African HIV-infected children

Review Articles
Russell W. Chesney
Vitamin D: It's not just for bones anymore

Emrah Caylak
The biochemical and cognitive explanation of developmental dyslexia

Otfrid Butenandt
Growth in children – a fascinating story