Volume 1, Number 4, Year 2010-2011

Editorial Article
Luis C. Lopez
Factors influencing inflammatory mediators' secretion after pediatric burn injury

Original Articles
Samer M. Zahran, Enas A. Hamed, Galia Z.A. Awean, Nagla M. Abdel-Hafez, and Youssef S. Hassan
Pediatric burn and key regulatory cytokines: Impact of burn surface area and sepsis on the clinical outcomes

Patrizia Matarazzo, Gerdi Tuli, Francesca Verna, Daniele Tessaris, Ludovica Fiore, Alessandro Mussa, Marialia Repici, and Roberto Lala
Management of sodium metabolism derangements in children treated for hypothalamic-hypophyseal tumors

Anshoo Dhelaria, Raghuram Commondoor, Ananya Kar, and Michael Eisenhut
Characteristics of metabolic acidosis and management of rotavirus gastro-enteritis

Rungsunn Tungtrongchitr, Benjaluck Phonrat, Uruwan Yamborisut, Supaluk Popruk, and Anchalee Tungtrongchitr
Relationship between α-MSH, soluble leptin receptor, MC4R polymorphism and BMI in Thai children and adolescents

Review Articles
Robert R. Miller, Jr
Hyperglycemia-induced oxidative-stress, apoptosis, and embryopathy

Nidhi Anil and Meenu Singh
Nitric oxide: A promising biomarker for respiratory disorders

Abdul Rehman
Hepatitis C in children: Clinical outcome, route of infection and diagnosis