Volume 2, Number 4, Year 2012

Special Issue: Mitochondrial, Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Guest Editors: Dr. Richard E. Frye and Dr. Daniel A. Rossignol

Guest Editorial
Richard E. Frye and Daniel A. Rossignol
Mitochondrial and metabolic abnormalities in neurodevelopmental disorders

Review Articles
Richard E. Frye and Daniel A. Rossignol
Metabolic disorders and abnormalities associated with autism spectrum disorder

Fran D. Kendall
Mitochondrial disorders: Overview of diagnostic tools and new diagnostic trends

Lambertus P. van den Heuvel, Jan A.M. Smeitink, and Richard J.T. Rodenburg
New approaches to diagnosing mitochondrial abnormalities: Taking the next step

Abha Chauhan, Feng Gu, and Ved Chauhan
Mitochondrial respiratory chain defects in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders

Afaf El-Ansary
Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction as key players in neurological disorders of childhood

Richard E. Frye and Daniel A. Rossignol
Treatments for mitochondrial dysfunction associated with autism spectrum disorders

M. Catherine DeSoto and Robert T. Hitlan
Synthetic folic acid supplementation during pregnancy may increase the risk of developing autism

Daniel A. Rossignol and Richard E. Frye
Folate receptor alpha autoimmunity and cerebral folate deficiency in autism spectrum disorders