Volume 4, Number 3, Year 2014

Howard Young
Cytokines, vitamins and atopic dermatitis

Review Articles
Kathy Nugent, Joseph Garner, Remo George, Jonathan Waugh, and Menjor Tino Unlap
The Na+/Ca 2+ exchanger: A possible link between oxidative stress and endogenous ouabain in hypertension

Valeria Chirico, Antonio Lacquaniti, Sara Manti, Caterina Cuppari, Gabriella D’Angelo, Angela Lanzafame, Martina Filippelli, Caterina Munafò, Carmelo Salpietro, and Teresa Arrigo
New available biomarkers to face a worldwide emergency: The childhood obesity

Original Articles
Iman Husein Kamel, Rania Nabil Sabry, Enas Raafat, Abdel Hamid, Hanan Farouk Aly, and Hanaa Hamdy Ahmed
Inflammatory cytokines, vitamins C and E in children versus adolescences with atopic dermatitis

Yotam Almagor, Smadar Eventov-Friedman, Amiram Nir, Awad Sror, and Ann Saada
Measurement of troponin-T in dried blood spots and dried plasma spots – a pilot study

Rachel Vieux, Audrey Sindt, and Patricia Franck
Measuring urine biomarkers in cotton balls placed in neonates’ napkins

Murat Aydin, Burcin Nalbantoglu, Mustafa Metin Donma, Feti Tulubas, Volkan Kuçukyalcin, Erkut Karasu, Birol Topcu, and Ahmet Gurel
The effect of obesity and dietary habits on mean platelet volume and other platelet indices

Yasser Elsayed Nassef, Mones Abu Shady, Manal Mansour, and Manal Abdel Aziz Hamed
Trace elements, heavy metals and vitamins in Egyptian school children with iron deficiency anemia