Official Journal of the World Pediatric Society , Turkiye


Volume 6, Number 3, Year 2016

Wagner, Lars M.:
Toward a Better Understanding of the Use of Targeted Therapies in Pediatric Sarcoma Patients

Review Articles
Matin, Nassim; Falsaperla, Raffaele; Tabatabaie, Omidreza; Pavone, Piero; Lubrano, Riccardo; Vitaliti, Giovanna:
The Role of Dendritic Cells in Central Nervous System Autoimmunity: Focusing on Multiple Sclerosis and Emerging Therapeutics Targeting Dendritic Cells

ORginal Articles
Garnier, Nathalie; Bertrand, A.; Libbrecht, C.; Corradini, N.; Pacquement, H.; Gentet, J. C.; Lervat, C.; Girodet, M.; Bouclier, L.; Ray-Coquard, I.; Marec-Berard, P.:
Use of Off-Label Targeted Therapies in Refractory Sarcomas: Analysis of Pediatric Data from the French Registry Observatoire de l'Utilisation des Thérapies Ciblées dans les Sarcomes

Rogers, Ian Munro:”
The Cause of Pyloric Stenosis of Infancy: Primary Hyperacidity and Biochemistry Combined

Kaya, Buket Kubra; Aydin, Murat; Donma, Mustafa Metin; Demirkol, Muhammet; Bicer, Cemile; Erel, Ozcan:"
Association of Thiol Disulfide Homeostasis with Childhood Asthma

Starets, Olena; Khimenko, Tetiana; Mykhaylenko, Veronica:"
The Postnatal Growth Delay in Preterm Infants and Survey of the Risk Factors