Volume 6, Number 3, Year 2011

Original articles
Liliana Bezrodnik, Maria Isabel Gaillard, and Daniela Carelli
Clinical and immunological assessment of 94 patients with primary humoral immunodeficiency: Common variable immunodeficiency, selective IgA deficiency and polysaccharide antibody deficiency syndrome

Şirin Efe, Oğuz Tuncer, Tülay Akça, Elif Korğalı, and Sibel Kulaç
Nosocomial infections in the newborn intensive care unit of a maternity and children's hospital in Van, Turkey

Agostoni Carlo Virgimio, Boccazzi Antonio, Pontari Sara, Bedogni Giorgio, Prampolini Luigia, Garotta Matteo, Torresani Erminio, and Lunghi Giovanna
Inadequate seroconversion rates in celiac disease after 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine, administered at 3, 5 and 11 months of life

Juana María Santos-Sancho, Ruth Gil-Prieto, Alejandro Álvaro-Meca, and Ángel Gil-de Miguel
Epidemiology of hospitalizations caused by mumps in the general population in Spain (1997–2006)

Bamidele A. Iwalokun, Afolabi C. Oluwadun, Senapon O. Iwalokun, Olugbenga Ayoola Aina, Yetunde A. Olukosi, and Phillip U. Agomo
Reduction in febrile episodes and dynamics of pyrogenic threshold in Nigerian children with Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Jawa Gaurav, Arya Sugandha, Gaind Rajni, and Chellani Harish Kumar
Sepsis with extended-spectrum β-lactamase producing Gram-negative bacteria in neonates – risk factors, clinical profile and outcome

Sumantra Sarkar, Madhumita Nandi, and Rakesh Mondal
Paroxysmal Autonomic Instability and Dystonia (PAID) in a child with tuberculosis meningo-encephalitis: A case report

Rima Jibaly, Jenny LaChance, and Walid Abuhammour
Herpes simplex esophagitis: Report of 4 pediatric cases in immunocompetent patients

Tariq Saleh Al Fawaz, Sukesh Mohta, and Jihad Nader Zahraa
Use of corticosteroids in Mycoplasma pneumoniae encephalitis: A case report and review of literature

Amar M. Taksande, Arvind Kumar, and Krishna Vilhekar
Acute acalculous cholecystitis: A rare complication of typhoid fever in an 18-month child

Sriparna Basu, Nishant Verma, and Ashok Kumar
Unusual association of choanal atresia, digital hypoplasia, simian crease, cortical atrophy and hemiparesis with congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Letter to Editor
Arthur Abelian and Ian Pritchard
Neonatal bacterial meningitis: Has time come for polymerase chain reaction?