Volume 3, Number 4, Year 2014

Original Articles
M.M.A. Raets, P. Govaert, T.G. Goos, I.K.M. Reiss, R.C.J. de Jonge, and J. Dudink
Preterm cerebral microcirculation assessed with color Doppler: A pilot study

Deshdeepak Sahni, Prashant Prasad, Caroline Hadley, Brandon H. Tran, Daniel H. Fulkerson, Steven W. Hwang, and Andrew Jea
Pediatric pedicle screw (In)accuracy based on postoperative computed tomography

Case Reports
Vineeta Singh, Terry Neil, Steven W. Hetts, and Joey D. English
Multiple intracranial dural arterivenous fistulas in a girl with Cowden Syndrome - A case report

Roberto Franceschi, Nivedita Agarwal, Valentina Savona, Evelina Maines, Maria Bellizzi, and Annunziata Di Palma
Persistent torticollis: Think about Grisel's syndrome

Maggie Chow, Daniel Cooke, Heather Fullerton, Matthew Amans, Jared Narvid, Christopher Dowd, Randall Higashida, Van Halbach, and Steven Hetts
Vein of Galen Malformations: Long-term functional outcome in 6 cases

Brief Reports
Harris L. Cohen, Asim F. Choudhri, Anand D. Raju, Jacques Samson, Lisa M. Mabry, and Jerome W. Thompson
Antenatal detection of an intraglossal ranula on ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging

Kristen Berry, Kevin Shuh, Karen Blackmon, Orrin Devinsky, Chad Carlson, Ruben Kuzniecky, Werner Doyle, and Thomas Thesen
Limitations of functional magnetic resonance imaging in mapping function near a vascular lesion: A case study