Volume 5, Number 4, Year 2016

Original Articles
Sonja Manuela Kreis, Wolfgang Reith, and Christoph Krick
Two-Digit Number Processing during Childhood: A Mental Rotation Task?

Mohamed G. Eissawy, Mahmoud M. Higazi, and Sheren E. Maher
Can Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values Predict Time of Onset in Term Neonates with Hypoxic Ischemic Injury?

Juan Leon-Wyss, Bernd Foerster, Cynthia Rosario, Janet Toribio, Herwin Speckter, Jairo Oviedo, and Peter Stoeter
Influence of Oxygen Saturation and Age on Relaxation Time of Grey and White Matter and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters in Children with Cardiac Malformations

Case Reports
Tugay Onal, Guven Onur Afacan, Yonca Anik, and Gur Akansel
Iniencephalic Fetus is Detected on Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Christopher Storey, Christina Notarianni, Anil Nanda, and Hugo Cuellar-Saenz
Spontaneous Occlusion of a Vein of Galen Malformation: A Case Report and Proposed Mechanism