Welcome to the World Pediatric Society membership page. If you are not already a member, please think of becoming one. By doing so you join a rapidly growing group of like minded active professionals in our field who are committed to child health and diseases in childhood. Membership is open to academicians in subjects of child health and pediatrics in related fields from all of World countries.

There are two types of membership: ordinary, and honorary.

Ordinary membership is for any person, academician or physician in Turkiye, worked or trained in any subspecialties of pediatric sciences.

Honorary membership is for any academician or physician in out side of Turkiye, trained in any subspecialties of pediatric sciences whose main clinical and/or main research activity is in the field of pediatric sciences (Biochemistry, Neurology, Neuroradiology, Infectious Disease, Epilepsy, Genetics, and/or Intensive Care, etc).

Ordinary and honorary members pay an annual membership fee. Ordinary members are entitled to vote and be members of the Board.

Please click here for a printed ordinary application form or honorary application form which can be faxed back to us on +90 332 223 6182

If you have any enquires about membership, please e-mail