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Official Journal of the World Pediatric Society , Turkiye

Volume 8, Number 3, Year 2019

Review Article
Scott, Alice; Chua, Olivia; Mitchell, William; Vlok, Ruan; Melhuish, Thomas; White, Leigh:
Apneic Oxygenation for Pediatric Endotracheal Intubation: A Narrative Review

Orginal Article
Aljabari, Salim; Balch, Alfred; Larsen, Gitte Y.; Fluchel, Mark; Workman, Jennifer K.:
Severe Sepsis-Associated Morbidity and Mortality among Critically Ill Children with Cancer

Al-Sofyani, Khouloud A.:
Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Hyponatremia in Pediatric Intensive Care

Rohan, Annie; Khan, Imraan; Yin, Donglei; Yang, Jie:
Passive Ceiling Light Disinfection System to Reduce Bioburden in an Intensive Care Unit

Tran, Christine Anh-Thu; Zschaebitz, Jenna Verena; Spaeder, Michael Campbell:
Epidemiology of Blood Culture Utilization in a Cohort of Critically Ill Children

CTijssen, Janice A.; Miller, Michael R.; Parshuram, Christopher S.:
Remote Pediatric Critical Care Telephone Consultations: Quality and Outcomes

Saelim, Kantara; Chavananon, Shevachut; Ruangnapa, Kanokpan; Prasertsan, Pharsai; Anuntaseree, Wanaporn:
Effectiveness of Protocolized Sedation Utilizing the COMFORT-B Scale in Mechanically Ventilated Children in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Yetimakman, Ayse Filiz; Kesici, Selman; Tanyildiz, Murat; Bayrakci, Benan:
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy for Treatment of Severe Attacks of Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Case Report
Choudhury, Tarif A.; Flyer, Jonathan N.; Ushay, Henry M.; Ofori-Amanfo, George:
A Case of Mitral Valve Endocarditis Complicated by Multiple Embolic Phenomena: Leaping from Adult Guidelines to Pediatric Critical Care Decisions

Sanders, Patricia J. L. T.; Hanot, Jan:
Dexmedetomidine to Treat 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine-Induced Agitation in a 13-Month-Old Infant: A Case Report and Literature Review

Konca, Capan; Tekin, Mehmet; Elmas, Oksan Cebeci:
Concurrence of Two Rare Conditions: Simultaneous Bilateral Spontaneous Pneumothorax and Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation

Matsumoto, Shotaro; Nakagawa, Satoshi:
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage Caused by Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis: A Case Report and a Review of the Literature

Weissmann, Jonathan; Griton, Yigal; Mahajna, Shadi; Ajaj, Moanis; Fajer, Simone:
Ultrasound-Guided Thrombin Injection for Iliopsoas Pseudoaneurysm

Letter to the Editor
Mattke, Adrian C.; Venugopal, Prem:
Prognostic Evaluation of Mortality after Pediatric Resuscitation Assisted by Extracorporeal Life Support

Doell, Carsten; De Mul, Aurélie; Nguyen, Duy-Anh; Perez, Marie-Hélène; Karam, Oliver; Cannizzaro, Vincenzo:
Reply to: Prognostic Evaluation of Mortality after Pediatric Resuscitation Assisted by Extracorporeal Life Support