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Official Journal of the World Pediatric Society , Turkiye

Volume 10, Number 2, Year 2021

Ilyas, Mohammed; Işık, Uğur:
Focal versus Generalized Epilepsy—An Enigma

Review Article
Onat, Filiz Yılmaz; Eşkazan, Esat:
Are Absence and Limbic Seizures Mutually Exclusive?: An Experimental Approach to Enigmatic Clinical Concept

Marashly, Ahmad:
Seizure Semiology in Focal and Generalized Epilepsies: Distinctive and Overlapping Features

Jayaram, Shoba; Alkhaldi, Modhi; Shahid, Asim:
The Role and Controversies of Electroencephalogram in Focal versus Generalized Epilepsy

Assadsangabi, Reza; Ozturk, Arzu; Kantamneni, Trishna; Azizi, Nazarin; Asaikar, Shailesh M.; Hacein-Bey, Lotfi:
Neuroimaging of Childhood Epilepsy: Focal versus Generalized Epilepsy

Sannagowdara, Kumar; Khan, Nadir:
Medical Management in Focal versus Generalized Epilepsy

Harris, William B.; Phillips, H. Westley; Fallah, Aria; Mathern, Gary W.:
Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery in Focal and Generalized Epilepsy: Current Trends and Recent Advancements