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Official Journal of the World Pediatric Society , Turkiye

Volume 8, Number 2, Year 2019

Review Article
Kopač, Matjaž:
Evaluation and Treatment of Alkalosis in Children

Orginal Article
De Mul, Aurélie; Nguyen, Duy-Anh; Doell, Carsten; Perez, Marie-Hélène; Cannizzaro, Vincenzo; Karam, Oliver:
Prognostic Evaluation of Mortality after Pediatric Resuscitation Assisted by Extracorporeal Life Support

Muttath, Anand; Annayappa Venkatesh, Lalitha; Jose, Joe; Vasudevan, Anil; Ghosh, Santu:
Adverse Outcomes due to Aggressive Fluid Resuscitation in Children: A Prospective Observational Study

Gildea, Marianne R.; Moler, Frank W.; Page, Kent; Pemberton, Victoria L.; Holubkov, Richard; Nadkarni, Vinay M.; Dean, J. Michael; Olson, Lenora M.:
Practice Patterns after the Therapeutic Hypothermia After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Out-of-Hospital Trial: A Survey of Pediatric Critical Care Physicians

Ackerman, Kassi; Saley, Taylor P.; Mushtaq, Nasir; Carroll, Timothy:
Pediatric Long-Term Endotracheal Intubation and Role for Tracheostomy: Patient and Provider Factors

Colman, Nora; Figueroa, Janet; McCracken, Courtney; Hebbar, Kiran:
Simulation-Based Team Training Improves Team Performance among Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Staff

Case Report
Saley, Taylor; Barton, Alexander; Sood, Shawn Berry; Thukaram, Roopa:
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome Complicating Ruptured Appendicitis and Abscess Drainage in a Previously Healthy Pediatric Patient

Chauhan, Jigar C.; Hertzog, James H.; Viteri, Shirley; Slamon, Nicholas B.:
Tracheoinnominate Artery Fistula Formation in a Child with Long-Term Tracheostomy Dependence

Clark, Kacie; Maka, Deborah:
Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Infection Caused by Enterococcus gallinarum in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report

Koney, Nii; Benmessaoud, Chelsea; Cole, Kalonji Y.; Bulut, Yonca; Yang, Eric H.; Moriarty, John M.:
Percutaneous Removal of a Cardiac Mass in a Patient with Infective Endocarditis: A Case Report

Sosa, Tina; Berrens, Zachary; Conway, Susan; Stalets, Erika L.:
Apnea Threshold in Pediatric Brain Death: A Case with Variable Results Across Serial Examinations

Rapid Communication
Krmpotic, Kristina; Weisser, Caroline; O'Hanley, Alexandra; Soder, Christian:
Incidence and Outcomes of Severe Anaphylaxis in Paediatric Patients in Atlantic Canada