The society named as World Pediatric Society has been established for aim to serve in the arena of Child Health.

The main aims of Society are to prevent the diseases at Childhood term; to follow and to apply the developments in early diagnosis and treatments at diseases in this term; in this way, to try decreasing the high death ratio of child; if it is necessary, to assure the equipments, materials, drugs, and persons; to help the solving of problems by collecting the persons who working in this arena; to prepare the publications as journal, bulletin, newspaper, brochure about those aims.

The main working areas to acquire those aims are;

10 to try become mainstream the preventive and social pediatrics, thus to be help of both of physical and physiological health of children from prenatal term to adulthood, to decrease diseases and deaths in children
10 to support the educations of academicians and students in subjects of child health and pediatrics, and to be of help increasing the scientific level in that arena
10 to support the scientific studies
10 to arrange national or international conferences, congresses, seminars, meetings which implied the last novelties at child health and pediatrics and to join them
10 to prepare articles about child health and pediatrics, and to publish international journals
10 to educate the child nurse, the governess, the social or technique personnel, to support this persons and their families
10 to arrange educational programs (poster, seminar, brochure, radio, newspaper, journal, television, internet, etc.) for physicians, and other health workers, studies and people; for that reason, to invite local or foreign specialists
10 to cooperate with national and international assemblies working at child health and pediatrics (science and charitable foundations)
10 to collect contributions or to raise money for charity according to the legal of charity
10 to work or to help for assembling the documentation central or archives about child health and pediatrics